4 ways with turkey sandwiches
The turkey sandwich is a deli classic. What's more it's one of the most versatile lunches out there, with a myriad of options, textures and flavours to combine. You can make it into a gourmand's extravaganza or one of the most healthy bread-based options out there. So let's take a look at some healthy turkey sandwich ideas as well as one no-holds-barred deli extravaganza.
The classy one: Turkey, apple & rocket sandwich
This sandwich has a crisp, cool flavour. Make sure the bread has a soft yield to it – something in a granary line, perhaps dotted with seeds for extra crunch. The important thing here is making sure the turkey is sliced correctly. Whether you're using meat straight from a packet or leftover from your roast, make sure it is sliced as thinly as possible as this sandwich is all about delicacy. Then, toss the thinly sliced apple pieces the rocket and fold inside the meat so that the moisture doesn't make the bread soggy over time. The result is a bittersweet treat
The healthy deli one – Turkey, cream cheese & gherkin on rye
Deli lunches are a beautiful thing but they can often be high on the salt and calorie scale. However, with a few ingenious tweaks, you wont have to worry about ruining your diet. The trick here is making an open sandwich using rye bread, which has a low GI, is incredibly filling and packed with fibre. Just toast a slice so that the surface is warm and slightly crunchy, and then add a smear of low-fat cream cheese, thinly sliced pickle and great folds of turkey slices. Then, finish the whole lot off with a couple of twists of freshly ground pepper. Delicious.
The classic with a twist: Turkey, cranberry & gruyere sandwich with sage mustard
This sandwich is a delicious mixture of sweet and sharp. Just mix a tablespoon of cranberry sauce with two teapspoon of English Mustard and a briskly torn sage leaf and spread on the lightly toasted bread of your choice. Then, add a slice or two of Gruyere cheese and some thickly sliced hunks of turkey. The intensity of the condiments coupled with the serene blandness of the meat and cheese adds up to something very special indeed.
The big one: Southwestern turkey club
This is a sandwich for the brave and bold. It's also for those who have decided to take the day off from counting calories. The Southwestern is characterised by its three chief ingredients: turkey, bacon and avocado. Cook up some crispy bacon and leave to drain on a paper towel and then mash ¼ to ½ an avocado in a bowl, mixing in chilli flakes and a tablespoon of lime juice. Then layer the turkey, bacon and avocado mixture with big flat slices of tomato and you've got yourself a sandwich fit for a king. To reduce the calorie count, switch the bacon for turkey bacon, make sure you grill it and and make the sandwich into an open one, halving the bread and avocado content.

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4 ways with turkey sandwiches