Leftover Recipes
Turkey is famous for it's ability to be used in a number of delicious leftover recipes. Here we inspire you to try turkey leftovers all year round.

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Leftover Turkey Tom Yum Soup
The name Tom Yum Soup literally means hot and sour soup. Get the recipe.
Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Parcels with Winter Slaw
This is a scaled up version of festive brie and cranberry filo bites. Get the recipe.
Leftover Turkey Curry
A post Christmas classic, but its warming spices work just as well in the summer. Get the recipe.
Turkey Casserole
Casseroles are great for when you’re feeding a lot of people but also need to entertain. Get the recipe.
Turkey Jambalaya
A traditional Creole dish that brings a taste of Louisiana to your dining room. Get the recipe.
Turkey Jubilee
A light turkey salad that’s perfect for summer’s days. Get the recipe.
Turkey Risotto
A great mix of turkey, vegetables and rice that’s ready in just 35 minutes. Get the recipe.
Turkey Bubble and Squeak Patties
A great new twist on the classic English dish. Get the recipe.
One Pot Herby Turkey and Rice
A delicious turkey dish that saves on the washing up. Get the recipe.
Rosti Topped Turkey Pie
A tasty pie that makes for a perfect meal-for-two. Get the recipe.
Sweet and Sour Turkey
This Chinese dish will make you see turkey in a whole new light. Get the recipe.
Turkey a la King
This meal takes only half an hour to make, but it’s fit for a king. Get the recipe.
Turkey and Coconut Korma
Making a delicious turkey korma is easy! Get the recipe.
Turkey Soup with Vegetables and Herbs
Possibly the ultimate remedy for the common cold. Get the recipe.
Turkey and Broccoli Quiche
This is a great dish to prepare for picnics and parties. Get the recipe.
Turkey Goulash
This classic Hungarian stew is a warming and sustaining treat. Get the recipe.
Turkey Pie
Nothing compliments the subtle flavour of turkey like a rich buttery pie crust. Get the recipe.
Leftover Turkey and Vegetable Casserole
Casseroles are a great way of satisfying large groups. Get the recipe.
Turkey and Bacon Subs with Sweetcorn Relish
The homemade sweetcorn relish here takes these turkey subs up a notch. Get the recipe.
Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Pies
Perfect for snacking on over the xmas period. Get the recipe.
Turkey Parcels - Two Ways
This recipe is tasty, thrifty and a complete doddle to make - what more could you want?! Get the recipe.
Turkey Pithivier
This turkey 'pasty' is a great way to use up your xmas leftovers. Get the recipe.
Turkey Ham and Thyme Pie
This is a feast that's just as good as Christmas day! Get the recipe.
Leftover turkey hoisin sauce wraps
This turkey recipe puts your Xmas leftovers to great use. Get the recipe.
Turkey spring rolls with cranberry dipping sauce
This turkey recipe uses up leftover turkey and also vegetables too. Get the recipe.
Sweet and sour turkey noodles
This turkey recipe is a quick and easy way to use up leftover turkey. Get the recipe.
Lemon and pesto gnocchi with turkey
This turkey recipe is a very quick, cheap and easy weeknight supper. Get the recipe.
Turkey and chestnut pilaf
This turkey recipe is a tasty one pot wonder, give it a go! Get the recipe.
Turkey stroganoff with soured cream
This turkey recipe is perfect for a Boxing Day buffet or quick supper. Get the recipe.
Turkey pie with crushed roast potato topping
This turkey recipe is flexible with left overs and perfect with any veg. Get the recipe.
Leftover Christmas dinner pizza
This turkey recipe is a deliciously quick family meal. Get the recipe.


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Leftover Recipes